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Diretone,  2017

Diretone is a Danish groove metal band with a thick organic sound, combining heavy grooves, Scorching leads, down-tuned guitars, clean vocal delivery, and a traditional approach to metal songwriting. And instead of venturing into winding and overly technical sections, the focus is on accessibility and the bands impact as a hole. Diretone is essentially a live band a guaranteed to leave heads banging in front of the stage.

Since the band released their self titled debut album in late 2011, Diretone has grown a solid following across the globe. And In 2013 the band was invited to play a couple of shows at the “Meet in Beijing” festival in China.
In spring 2014 the band release a single called “Triggered” and also made their first video appearance for the song. Since then another video was recorded for the song “Drawn to Life”

Diretone has just finished their second album ” Random Spins Fortune Turns “, and have just released their first single ” Race Against Time “. The full album is set to be released in 2017.

Diretone Logo 1














–  D I R E T O N E  –



L A R S  H Ø R N I N G  –  B A S S  G U I T A R  &  V O C A L S


B R I O N  W E K I N  –  D R U M S


P A T R I C K  A J A S S O   –  G U I T A R


P A T R I C K  G R Ø N B Æ C H  C H R I S T E N S E N   –  G U I T A R














Track list for Diretone (2011):
1. Nerve (4.12)
2. Bitter (3.23)
3. It Never Ends (4.12)
4. Cold (4.11)
5. Drawn to Life (4.25)
6. Got to Believe (5.23)
7. While You Forget (3.33)
8. Eyes Wide Shut (3.34)
9. Antidote (3.41)
10. Road (5.19)













Track list: Year of release: 2014

1. Triggered (4.22)






















Track list: Year of release: 2016

1. Race Against Time (4:14)



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