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Diretone,  2018

Diretone is a Danish groove metal band with a thick organic sound, founded in 2011. The bands down tuned riffs, catchy choruses and aggressive yet clean vocals hit you hard from the get-go.

Since the band released their self titled debut album in late 2011, Diretone has grown a solid following across the globe. And all though Diretone’s second album took  7 years and several lineup changes the band still has a lot to give and new parts of the world to travel and play.

Next tour will be in Russia 🇷🇺 October 12 until the 20 th 2018.

12 октября, пт – Обнинск
13 октября, сб – Тамбов
14 октября, вс – Брянск
15 октября, пн – Елец
16 октября, вт – Белгород
17 октября, ср – Волгоград
18 октября, чт – Волгодонск
19 октября, пт – Белореченск
20 октября, сб – Ставрополь



Diretone Logo 1










–  D I R E T O N E  –



L A R S  H Ø R N I N G  –  B A S S  G U I T A R  &  V O C A L S


B R I O N  W E K I N  –  D R U M S


B R I A N  A H E R N E  –  G U I T A R


P A T R I C K  G R Ø N B Æ C H  C H R I S T E N S E N   –  G U I T A R














Track list for Diretone (2011):
1. Nerve (4.12)
2. Bitter (3.23)
3. It Never Ends (4.12)
4. Cold (4.11)
5. Drawn to Life (4.25)
6. Got to Believe (5.23)
7. While You Forget (3.33)
8. Eyes Wide Shut (3.34)
9. Antidote (3.41)
10. Road (5.19)













Track list: Year of release: 2014

1. Triggered (4.22)






















Track list: Year of release: 2016

1. Race Against Time (4:14)



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